Most insurance plans have a mental health benefit.  Often times you will owe a co-pay for each visit, similar to a visit to your family physician.  Some plans require pre-authorization for coverage so be sure to call your insurance company prior to your first appointment.  When you call your insurance company you may wish to ask if there is a deductible, if there is a co-pay and how many sessions you are allowed per year.  Sometimes they will give you an authorization number to give to your therapist for use when submitting the claim.   You may also contact your Human Resources department if you are employed to see if your employer offers EAP (Employee Assistance Program) benefits.  Often mental heath therapy benefits are offered by EAP and you may be eligible for several no cost visits.  We are providers for nearly all major insurance and EAP panels.  You may check with your insurance to see if we are covered on your plan.  If you don't have insurance you can elect to pay out of pocket.

For rates or more information, please contact any of our clinicians.